The 4 Permissions of Conscious Leadership to Attract Allies, Investors, and Raving Fans

Whether you lead a team of one (yourself) or a team of thousands, tending to your internal work allows you to step forward— what Fortune 100 executive coach and meditation teacher Kristoffer Carter calls “Permission to Glow in the Dark.”

What if all this massive change and disruption are simply asking us to claim our power? Our work as leaders is to expand our internal capacity to hold more of what life and business are constantly throwing at us. In his new book, Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership, Carter creates awareness of the universal forces that hold us back and offers 4 Permissions we can activate “to transcend the crazy train of overwhelm by using everything life offers as fuel to glow.”

With a unique blend of irreverent humor, pop culture references, and spiritual insight, this recorded session of ExecuNet Master Class will teach you how to give yourself The 4 Permissions™.

Key Takeaways: How to create a rock-solid meditation habit and encourage more bold actions at work.


Speaker Bio:

Kristoffer Carter (“KC”) is a spiritual teacher at the intersection of consciousness and business. He is the founder of This Epic Life, a website and podcast devoted to conscious living, which has created a daily meditation practice for thousands. As a meditation teacher and workshop designer, KC has 6,500 active students on Insight Timer, with 120K streams.

As an executive coach, Kristoffer works with leaders at Amazon, AT&T, Avery-Dennison, and many start-ups and mid-sized multi-generational family businesses.

Kristoffer is also an accomplished international speaker, emcee, and retreat leader whose work has appeared in Business Insider, onstage at TEDx and Wisdom 2.0, and in countless other events.

Permission to Glow: A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership (Page 2 Publishing, Oct. 12, 2021) is his first book.

William Flamme

William Flamme

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