The 3V Leadership Model

The 3Vs are a great way to implement a Connection Culture.

The first V is VISION. An inspiring Vision is when everyone in the organization is motivated by the mission, united by the values and proud of the reputation. You want to work for, or be, a leader who communicates an inspiring vision.

Usually, this requires work that is helping people. Find a way to make your vision beneficial to people and you’re on the path to being inspiring and bring people together.

After an inspiring Vision comes VALUE. The needs of your people must be met for them to feel valued. Value is achieved when everyone in the organization understands the needs of people, appreciates their positive, unique contributions, and helps others achieve their potential.

The final V is VOICE. We all know everyone has an opinion. The Connected Culture genuinely values them. This takes great humility but is essential. Voice is achieved when everyone in the organization seeks the ideas of others, shares ideas and opinions honestly and safeguards relational connections.

Listen to Michael Lee Stallard, co-founder of the Connection Culture movement and a leading expert on what it takes to avoid personal and organizational burnout, in this excerpt from a session of ExecuNet Master Class to learn more.

burnoutWant to know more about Michael’s Connection Culture ideas? Check out this recording of a session of ExecuNet Master Class that he led, The Surprising Way to Reduce Burnout Within Organizations.


William Flamme

William Flamme

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