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"The next time I have an upper-level position, I will get in touch with ExecuNet. I was very pleased with the quality of the candidates that I was receiving. Normally, if I were to post this on [other sites], I'd receive about 100 candidates who think they're qualified [and are] not, and maybe 2 that might barely fit the specs. So, from an internet-recruiting standpoint, you guys are doing a wonderful job!!! Thanks again!"

-Amanda Kearns, Recruiter, Spherion Professional Recruiting



Positions filled by ExecuNet members:

GM of Finance / CFO, Commercial Avionics, $110K - $150K

Dir. Quality, Electronics, $100K

IT Program Mgr. / Finance, Pharmaceuticals Research, $115K - $125K (+20%)

Software Procurement Specialist, Financial Services, $100K - $120K (+10%)

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