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Becoming an ExecuNet member connects you to the people, opportunities and insights you need to be successful today and throughout your career.

Create a targeted action plan to jump-start you onto the path to your next career opportunity

When you're ready to make a move but don't know where to start, we'll help you through all the essential stages of planning how to land your next position:

  • Job Search Essentials
  • Connecting With Recruiters
  • Interviewing Success
  • Pursuing New Options
  • New Role Success

We'll personally guide you through the search process. You'll also have access to our deep inventory of expert-led programs and open Q&A telephone sessions.

Get on the radar of recruiters who search our private membership daily for top talent

ExecuNet is the first place recruiters turn to when they are searching exclusively for executive-level talent they can present to their client companies.

  • Post your in-depth profile and resume in our private network so our recruiter-members can easily find you, learn more about you, and connect with you about job opportunities.
  • Get exclusive access to hundreds of $150K+ jobs privately posted on our site and only available for application by ExecuNet members — giving you a jump on the competition.
  • Connect with other ExecuNet members who can introduce you to hiring managers and open doors to new opportunities.

Here are a few of the programs we recommend to help you get on a recruiter's radar:

Understanding What Recruiters Want in A-Quality Candidates Interviewing is a Contact Sport Make Your Contacts Count

Market yourself with powerful marketing materials that break through the clutter and get the attention of hiring decision-makers

If your career path hasn't followed a traditional straight line or you have a very extensive list of accomplishments, it's difficult to package them in a way that can be truly appreciated by busy recruiters searching for top talent.

At ExecuNet, you'll find coaches, personal marketing strategists and professional resume writers who will work with you one-on-one. With their help, you'll develop your personal branding strategy, as well as a complete suite of marketing materials:

  • Winning Resumes
  • Cutting-edge Profiles
  • Unique, Eye-Catching ValuGraphics®

Build a powerful network of business leaders and influencers who can point you to new opportunities

You'll find senior-level executives (CX0s, Presidents, VPs, EVPs and Directors) in your local area, in your target companies and those outside your normal circles who you can confidentially and confidently network with to help introduce you to hiring managers or gain trusted, unbiased advice about business decisions.

Connecting with other ExecuNet members is easy and unlimited:

  • Send a personal, confidential networking email
  • Participate in online discussion groups
  • Attend face-to-face meetings
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