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    Intelligence Report

    Executive Job Market Intelligence Report

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    Today's successful executives are taking control of their career destinies by creating opportunities and options before they are in an urgent state of job search. Are you among them?

    This just released annual report is available to ExecuNet members and reveals many strategies and activities of this new breed of "career engaged" executives

    In this report, you'll learn:
    • Where most executives connect with recruiters and talent managers

    • Why employed executives stay at their company - and what triggers them to leave

    • How negative online information can harm your chances of being hired

    • What you can expect to see in executive compensation packages

    • How more executives are going online at private, smaller social networks to gain visibility and make connections

    The 2013 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report is based on simultaneous surveys of executives, search firms and corporate recruiters, as well as the executive community of our strategic partner, Forbes. ExecuNet's Market Intelligence Reports (including this 21st annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report) have become workplace essentials delivering timely career, business and leadership insight and ahead-of-the-curve analysis that enable business executives, recruiters and industry followers to be continually in the loop.


    "This job search is very different from the one I managed four years ago. I appreciate the heads up about "responses." It was good to be reminded about the current state of the job search process."



    The following are some recent positions filled by ExecuNet members:

    Dir Sales; Equipment; $110K
    President; Electronics; $150K
    VP HR; Manufacturing; $120K
    Bus Dev; Telecom; $100K
    VP Mk; Bus Services; $160K

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