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    Our Career Management Bookshelf brings you the "Best of the Best" books and resources available today for the $100K+ executive. Whether you're in transition or looking to advance, you'll find just the right book to help you succeed.

    For your convenience, the recommendations are arranged by topic from authoritative directories to advice and strategy to salary negotiations. They are a select list of resources (e.g. a bookshelf rather than bookstore) as we only recommend a couple of books in each category that we or our members have found valuable. (Note: All purchases are made through Amazon.com's website).

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    Reviews, recommendations and suggestions regarding Career Management Bookshelf resources are available to members.

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    VP; Pkg. Goods; $120K
    SVP; Financial; $275K
    VP Sales; Aerosp; $150K
    GM; Off. Furniture; $120K
    Dir Mk; Telecom; $110K

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