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  "It's not who you know, it's who they know." Become an ExecuNet member now and begin making connections that can help you today and throughout your entire career.

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Supercharge your career: Take a Coffee Break and get fresh insight and tips from leading career experts in this fast, effective and easy-to-digest format. Available exclusively to ExecuNet members.

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Executive Job Market Intelligence Report

Annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report

Today's executives are taking control of their career destinies by creating opportunities and options before they are in an urgent state of job search. This report reveals critical insight for recruiters to understand this new breed of "career engaged" executives, where they can be found and how to attract them.

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"Thank you for the periodic words of wisdom and encouragement. The job search process is very interesting and very much a people oriented (networking) process. I have made several new networking contacts through ExecuNet."



The following are some recent positions filled by ExecuNet members:

VP Operations; Auto; $150K
COO; Consum Prods; $200K
CFO; Prof Servs; $220K
Dir Quality; Elects; $100K
Gen Manger; Pharm; $125K


When attending an ExecuNet networking meeting, you should come prepared to present a 2-minute overview of your background, goals and objectives.

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