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  • Job Search Center

    Discover everything you need to know about searching for and landing the perfect job. Take advantage of expert advice; review helpful tips and strategies; evaluate your leadership, organizational and communication skills; identify your career interests; and find coaches, career counselors and management firms, and other job search resources.

    Research Center

      Finding information to support your job search can be overwhelming. ExecuNet's Research Center contains all the tools necessary to help you design and execute a successful research campaign. You can quickly and easily research companies or industries, learn about company executives, identify recruiters, evaluate financial data and much more. Take advantage of the expert advice on conducting and using your research strategically to support your job search.

    Resumes & Cover Letter Center

      Effective resumes are no longer just an inventory of your credentials, or a biography of your work history. Instead, they are meant to market your strengths to potential employers and SELL you above your peers - individuals just like yourself who possess the same qualifications, training and experience as you do, and who are applying for the same position as you. The Resumes Center features an extensive collection of advice, tools and writing and consulting services that can help you craft and distribute the perfect resume and/or letters for every job-search situation.

    Interviewing Center

      Your resume will get you in the door, but your interview will land you the job. Prepare for all kinds of interview situations, from stress tests to inquisitions over lunch. To really shine in your job interview you need to be equipped with savvy questions as well as answers. The ExecuNet Interviewing Center will help you prepare for success in interviewing with expert advice on formats, styles, questions and your presentation.

    Compensation & Negotiation Center

      Turn here for a wealth of articles, tips, guidelines, calculators and other resources to help you make informed decisions about your compensation. Find resources and expert advice that will help you determine what you are worth, calculate relocation expenses, and develop a win-win negotiating strategy. Tips, articles and expert advice from termination contracts to employment contracts - what you need to know when negotiating your job offer - it's all here!

    Networking Center

      Networking is about linkages. As an additional "linkage" opportunity, ExecuNet hosts meetings at various locations around the United States and in Canada. Our meetings are designed to help you expand your network of contacts and improve your networking skills in a friendly environment. Many meetings have limitations on space and all meetings require registration.

    Career Advancement Center

      Career success requires a strategic career plan initiative and diligence in managing the plan. Savvy career managers have a destination in mind. They chart their course and navigate through the seas of career change with a strong hand on the helm. Take advantage of expert advice, review helpful tips and strategies, and make the most of the many tools and links the Career Advancement Center offers to achieve ongoing career success.

    Executive Effectiveness Center

      Career success is not defined by your ability to land a job but by your ability to be successful on the job. To achieve success in your current position you need to assess your strengths and weaknesses and gain the experience and knowledge you need to be excellent in all you do.

    Come to the Executive Effectiveness Center for resources and expert advice to help you enhance your executive skill from communications and team building skills, to change management and leadership strategies. Stay ahead of the power curve with ExecuNet.

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    Source: Annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report



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    The following are some recent positions filled by ExecuNet members:

    VP Operations; Auto; $150K
    COO; Consum Prods; $200K
    CFO; Prof Servs; $220K
    Dir Quality; Elects; $100K
    Gen Manger; Pharm; $125K

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